Conference update: Children and Youth on the Move


The organisers were delighted to receive more than 175 abstracts for the 2018 of the Children’s History Society conference! We will soon be looking through and getting back to you all. In the meantime, the picture is the current image for Children and Youth on the Move conference. It is a linocut called ‘Children’s hoops’ from 1936. You can find out about the artist Ethel Spowers here.



2 thoughts on “Conference update: Children and Youth on the Move”

  1. I’m writing an article on hoop chime toys, hoop bell toys, and hooples. I came across your website because of the wonderful linocut called ‘Children’s hoops’ by Ethel Spowers of Melbourne, from 1936 that you have on your site. I’d like to get permission to use the linocut in my article. The article may get published in the American Bell Association’s The Bell Tower and/or the Antique Toy Collectors of America’s The Toy Chest. I belong to both of these nonprofit groups. I may also post it on my web site. Life is good, Bob


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